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~Heatheredpup, Heatheredpaw,Heatheredtree,Heatheredmoon~

Quote~ Don’t let the haters win. They wouldn’t have attacked you had they not felt inferior to you. So you hold your head up and you dare them to come after you. And know that when you do, you’re not facing them alone. - Nichola Gautier Chronicles of Nick Infamous (Book 3 of the Chronicles of Nick series)

Clan~ Gustpack

Rank~ Alpha

Age~ 40 Moons/ 3-4 Years

Apprentice~ Birchpaw

Parents~ (Pm if you want the spot. If your wolf is old enough)

Siblings~ (Pm if you have a character her age. I will only accept 2-3 people)

Mate~ None

Personality~ Most see her as a kind and caring female who loved pups and is protective of her pack. Although there are stupid individuals that test her patients. Either insulting her, or anyone of her friends. When that happens expect the worst. She is not afraid to talk back and insult you, and if you really get on her nerves she is not afraid to teach you a lesson.

History~ Nothing has really happened except for both of her parents deaths.

GP is currently Open to outsiders, clan born, and transfers.

Pm me about Ceremonies. They will most likely be held on a weekend, but that depends on how busy I am.


High Rank tryouts

For Gustpacks Highranks only

Character Info

1.  Your characters name. 

2.   The age of your character.

3.  Friendlyness towards others.

4. Rank you want them to be.

Personal Info

1.  The name people refer to you by on here.

2.  How active are you?

3.  Are you a high rank on any other rp site? (List all of them if more then one)

4.  Rp sample

I will be pretty picky.

Don't be offended if you don't get chosen. I look for people who are actively on and have decent sized posts.

If you aren't going to be kind and friendly DONT try out.

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Reply Fang//Night
5:53 PM on September 22, 2016 
For Gustpacks Highranks only

Character Info

1. Your characters name. :Fang

2. The age of your character. 15 moon

3. Friendlyness towards others.: Kind to other unless they don't deserve my kindness

4. Rank you want them to be.:Beta

Personal Info

1. The name people refer to you by on here. Fang and Night

2. How active are you? pretty active

3. Are you a high rank on any other rp site? ( http://www.warriorcatsonline.com/apps/forums/topics/show/13380733

4. Rp sample: Fang padded to the grassland steppes to find prey and bring it back to the pack to keep the pack strong." Where to find some good prey" he mumbled softly while looking around seeing the grass move he twitched his ears hearing a rabbit and started to track it down.Fang set his paws down softly so it couldn't hear him coming up on it.Fang was right behind it now and pounced on it ending it's life picking it while starting to head back to the
Reply Heatheredmoon(HRTryouts)
8:06 PM on May 11, 2016 
I am going to try and keep my profile comments neat (hopefully). So once I see your comment I will respond and then delete it.