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For my main character (Jadesky) I'll have paragraphs for her character and for my secondary characters I'll just have a basic outline.

Name: Jadesky 

Gender: Female

Age: 27 moons 

Rank: Healer 

personality: Incredibly nice almost everyone likes her and she likes almost everyone. She has something regal about her that makes her almost seem like a queen of some sort. She is very loyal and courageous she will run straight into battle despite what anyone says. Jadestar is a very good warrior, she could go into a battle and come out without a scratch. She isn't very funny, since she's a healer she had to be but she does enjoy a laugh once in a while. Jade is very smart and cunning she could outwit a fox, which is very hard to do, this helps because lots of times she needs to come up with split second decisions. So over all Jade is, nice, regal, loyal, courageous, a good warrior, not very funny, and smart.

background: Jade was born in Flamepack, her parents were Skythorn and Thundertail. She had two brothers and three sisters including herself. Unfortunately one of her brothers died in a twoleg crash and a sister died because of a rat bite. This really hurt Jade and she promised herself that she would do everything she could to prevent something like this from happening, so she trained herself hard, harder than any other cat did and finally it payed off. The healer at the time, Butterfly (that's not her real name she just reminded everyone of a butterfly so that's what they called her), said that Jade could become the medicine cat apprentice. Jade was thrilled at this new opportunity and after just a week she realized she loved. A moon later the healer at the time died, and her Jade came into power, so the apprentice spot was open and Coalpaw was offered the spot. She was so happy she could protect the people of the clan and make sure nothing happened like what happened to her brother and sister. 

looks: An all white wolf with strange patterns of thin, gold, thread all across her body forming nothing in particular. She has bright green eyes the brightest you've ever seen that can almost see into your soul.

future: Jade has no plans of retiring anytime soon, she is still in the prime of her life and will be for a while. Jade does however hope to find a mate someday as she would love to have kits, but she feels to busy for them right now, she'll definitely wait a few years.



Name: Goldenlily

Gender: Female

Age: 19 moons

Rank: Warrior/Mentor

Personality: goldenlily is very strong, both inside and out.  She is kind of quiet and mysterious but only respectively, when she needs to she can be loud.

Background: Goldenlily is the oldest of three pups, Goldpup (her), Silverpup (Sister) and bronze pup (brother). She was the hardest working apprentice her mentor had ever seen, getting up at the crack of dawn to train, even on non-training days.

Looks: Goldenlily is a golden colored wolf with long hair and silver eyes.

Future: Goldenlily plans to have pups very soon (pm me) and wants to continue her warrior work all of the way until she's an elder.


Litter of Arcticlight


Gender: female

Age: 3 moons

Rank: pup

Personality: Bouncy and joyful. Also very smart for her age and has a love of twoleg items. She stays by her mother very often but still loves to play with her siblings.

Background: She is only a few months old so she dosent have much of one. She is the oldest pup of the litter.

Looks: Black fur with white feet and tail and beautiful, dark, blue eyes.

Future: She is very excited to become an apprentice so she watches the Warriors day and night. Once she becomes a warrior she has big dreams to become the leader of any pack.

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Reply EmberSoul
1:55 PM on April 19, 2016 
Lovely profile. You should get a profile picture....... It would brighten up the place. ;3
Reply Crimsonsun
5:51 PM on March 13, 2016 
Yes that spot I reserved for u so ur the new healer :3
Reply Crimsonsun
11:40 AM on March 11, 2016 
of coarse u may! I just need you to give me the name and ill put u up ^-^
Reply Jadesky
8:10 PM on March 9, 2016 
Hi I was wondering if I could be the healer for FlamePack I'm a good RPer and I'm very active (I would have pmed this to you but it wasn't working for some reason