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Name : Greywind
Previous / Greypaw ; Greypup

Gender : Male

Age : 18 Moons
DOB / 11-04

Occupation : Beta of CurrentPack
Previous / Warrior ; Apprentice ; Pup

Apprentice : None
Status / Looking

Love Interest : None
Status / Looking

Appearance : An unusually large built when in compared with those who share his genes, for they have all grown to be smaller, more slender little things with short legs leaning towards a portly-like state. Greywind, on the other hand, is clearly quite tall and muscular around his shoulders and waist. Just like every other wolf born and raised in CurrentPack he has long sleek fur, especially shaggy around his belly and legs, two different shades of grey and brown mixed into one earthly blend that gives him an advantage in camouflage around river bends and rocky landscapes. Greywind has very bright amber eyes that have flecks of gold within them, like the shiny metal that can sometimes be found if you dig enough beneath the flowing water's shifting soil.

Personality : Growing up among siblings and cousins considerably more slender than himself, Greywind has become quite the big awkward fellow. He is found constantly tripping over his own paws when crossing a littered clearing, or even if he is just trying to show off. Since those years of being a pup he has picked up a bad habit of hunching both shoulders forward and tucking away his bushy tail to somehow make himself smaller and more accommodating, and because of the back aches which this has caused is usually not in a very playful or welcoming mood towards poor behavior. Otherwise Greywind is a laid-back kind of canine, and will even be more than up to playing jokes with the pups or trading exciting stories on a lazy kind of day. He has picked up a few tactics from his father, who was a fine warrior, and understands the importance of alliances and loyalty when you find yourself unable to do something yourself.

Acquaintances : None

Friends : None
Best Friend / None

Enemies : None
Dislikes / None

Physical Health : 100 %
Greywind is perfectly healthy, thank you very much.

Mental Health : 100%
Greywind has nothing to wory about just yet

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