BoulderPack wolves reside in the mountains of the region. 

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The camp of the BoulderPack rests in a large flat outcrop on the side of a mountain, surrounded by large sharp boulders on all sides, there is only one way into and out of the camp, a tunnel that runs through the side of the mountain. The alpha ( --- ) makes their home in a cave underneath a large slab of stone, known as High Stone, where they hold pack gatherings and ceremonies. The beta ( --- )'s, or second in command's den sits right next door to High Stone, a spacious crevice in between two large stones covered by a third.



Inside the shelter of a cave formed of bedrock and limestone, the warriors of GustPack sleep and relax after a long day of hunting, patrolling, and training apprentices.



Residing in a smaller cavern located next door to the Warrior's Den, this is where the apprentices of the pack sleep and rest after a long and tiring day of training.



Another large and spacious naturally formed cavern, the inside is also naturally insulated to keep a perfect temperature at all times. Where mother wolves nurse and raise their pups until they are old enough to become apprentices.




A large crack in the side of the mountain that enters into a large cave. Soft feathery nests are spaced around the room at various intervals for sick and injured wolves. There is a natural stone alcove in the wall where the healer stores the herbs. The healer ( --- ) and his apprentice ( --- ) sleep in a room branched off from the main cavern.

keep in mind only healers have knowledge of herbs !!