" We are the wolves of the river. Our lives flow continuously, like the river, and our ways are passed down through generation. Our fur is long and sleek, our muscles strong, we have swam for as long as the pack has existed. We feel the life flowing through our veins. We are stubborn and clever, and we will survive to the end of days. " 

high ranks

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                                            The Tide Pool

On the high banks of the largest river in the region lies the camp of the CurrentPack wolves, the area is within the now dry recesses of an ancient tide pool. The leader's den is located in the very back of the camp underneath a hard layer of weathered limestone, the top of which juts out slightly over the camp itself and is called High Stone, where the leader ( Smokemoon ) holds pack meetings. The Beta, or second in command ( Greywind ) resides in a den next door to High Stone, in a slightly smaller limestone den.

                                             Warriors Den

After generations of wolves living in the camp a large hollowed out sandstone cave has formed, this is where the warriors of CurrentPack sleep and rest. They come here to rest after a day's hard work catching prey, and fighting.

                                          Apprentice's Den

A slightly smaller den dug out in the sand, the inside walls are lined with ancient fossils of extinct sea creatures, this is where the apprentices of CurrentPack reside. They come here after hard training, resting in their nests. 

                                            Whelping Den

A large sandstone cavern where mother wolves nurse and watch over their pups until they are old enough to become apprentices, Underground thermal springs beneath the cavern keep the temperature perfect inside all year round. Soft and fluffy nests are scattered about the den for the mothers and their pups.

                                            Healer's Den

One of the only dens not underground, however it is in a roomy fossilized cavern at ground level. Large fallen rocks have formed the den, there are also two rooms inside, one for the sick and injured wolves, and the other for the Healer ( Splashheart ) and his apprentice ( --- ) to sleep, a small naturally formed shelf is where the Healer keeps their herbs.

keep in mind only healers have knowledge of the herbs !!