" We are the fire that makes up our pack, for it runs through our bones and only comes out when we're battling with tooth and claw. Together, we live in a flatland forest with towering canopies and never ending plains. We are wolves that make up a fire, and together we stand and fight as a family ". 

high ranks


Please do not role play in this box. 


         A large and open clearing in the heart of the thriving woodland, a bubbling stream cuts through the edge of the camp and provides the wolves with a refreshing drink. In the clearing, pack members mingle and share tongues, a common ritual in the other packs as well, while grassy seating provides protection from the breezy winds as they can listen to their Alpha. The Alpha of the Flamepack ( --- ) resides in a large stone den made of fallen boulders, while the entrance is lightly protected by hanging lichen. The beta ( Crimsonsun ) is the second in command and stays in a smaller den next to the leader. A pile of assorted prey is located in the far corner of camp.


  Hidden underneath the long and tangly roots of an ancient cypress lay the hard working wolves. They often sleep inside the hollowed out tree as it offers protection in the nippy winds. 


  A deep and dugout home beneath a large shrub that offers protection and is well camouflaged with hanging lichen and foliage which line the walls, in order to keep the flaming heat inside, this is where the young apprentices close their eyes for a rest.  


      The Whelping den is a large and wide opened cavern underground beneath a stone formation, this is where mother wolves nurse their pups until old enough to gain ranks as apprentices. Inside the cavern, the walls are insulated with spongy moss, and the outside is laced with brambles and thorns to keep out foreign wolves. 


     A spacious, naturally formed limestone cavern beneath a large fallen boulder. The inside is also naturally insulated to keep warm during the cold seasons and cool in the hot seasons. In one corner there is an alcove for storing the Healer's herbs, while several mossy and feathery soft nests are placed around the room. The Healer ( --- ) and her apprentice ( --- ) have their own room off to the side of the main chamber.