What's Different from the Original Warrior Cats Role Play? 

1. High rank titles are now called Alpha (leader), Beta (deputy), Healer (medicine wolf), Healer Apprentice (Medicine wolf apprentice).

2. Newborn wolves are called "pups" not "kits" 

3. Alpha's names now end in "moon' not "star"

4. Pups names now end in "pup" not "kit"

 5. Alpha's have 7 lives instead of 9 

6. Pups may be made apprentices at the age of 6 weeks (when they should be weaned) or later

7. Many herbs used by the healers remain the same as the warrior cat rp BUT with a few differences, which the list of warrior cat's herb list is listed here http://warriors.wikia.com/wiki/Medicine . Changes will be listed at a later time, for now healers will use that same herbs as the warrior medicine cats.

8. LARGE PREY MOVES TO DIFFERENT AREAS DEPENDING ON THE SEASON! Yes on this site the large prey actually migrates to certain areas depending on what season it is, this does not necessarily mean that absolutely all large prey is in one area, but large herds do migrate.

9. Natural disasters and bad weather can affect all packs however each pack has its own main weather problems to deal with depending on the season, for an example: Flamepack tends to have many wildfires during the summer and fall seasons and so forth.

10. ALL high ranks are allowed to have mates, including Alphas and Healers.

11. ALL high ranks are allowed to have pups, HOWEVER Alphas and Healers are allowed only ONE litter during their time as their rank. Although if they retire they are allowed to have as many litters as they want just as the rest of the pack may.

12. Hunting large prey is very risky, Especially to loners and rogues! Lone wolves run a higher risk of great injury and even death when hunting alone than pack wolves, HOWEVER all wolves are at some risk when on the hunt for large prey.


1: Do you have a tendency to curse? If so, please keep it appropriate in the chatboxes for some kids wander onto roleplay sites like this one for instance, and after a long day people would like to relax and just rp, they really do not want to come in and see people swearing all over the place. Also try to censor your curse words as much as possible.

2: NEVER harass any high rank. Ranks are earned for friendliness and activeness.

3. This site and the owner, do not need nor want any trouble from someone stealing artworks to use as their own, please give credit to the artist for their hard work, and try your best to please ask for permission to use the artwork. As an artist myself I know how it would feel to have art stolen from me and someone else taking credit for it.

4. Do not spam or flood the chat boxes, you will be given only one warning for the first offense, if you continue to spam or flood you WILL be banned for good.

5. Do not advertise in any box other than the advertisement box, it's there for a reason, use it, or you will be banned.

6. People come here to have fun and relax from real life, please refrain from causing unneeded drama here.

7. Please be kind and courteous to EVERYONE on the site, be they members, administrators, or the owner.

8. There is NO sexually explicit or graphic role playing on this site, the site owner will not tolerate it in ANY of the chat boxes or in any type of role play be it wolf, or human (Coming later on).


1. DO NOT kill or permanently damage anyone else's character UNLESS you have their permission, god modding will not be tolerated.

2. When naming your character please keep in mind that wolves would not understand or know a lot of things humans do, so please try not to use names that wouldn't fit in with this theme 

3. Apprentices are allowed outside of camp on their own but ONLY if they keep close to the camp and they are forbidden from going to the borders.

4. Names are still warrior themed at heart, please keep with the theme.