GustPack was named for the chilly winds that grace their territory, their territory resides in the plateaus and steppes of the region.

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                                          The Grassy Hill

Situated at the top of a steep hill, the camp of the GustPack wolves sits, protected on all sides by tall razor grass the only way in and out of the camp is through a tunnel made of tightly woven elephant grass. The alpha ( --- )'s den rests in the hollow of an ancient tree stump, the top of which, named High Stump, is where the alpha conducts pack meetings and ceremonies. The beta ( --- )'s, or second in command's den is next door to the stump, an underground den, the walls lined with the roots from the dead tree.

                                            Warrior's Den

An underground den, the nests of the warriors are made of woven elephant grass and moss, making the bedding very soft and well insulated. This is where the warriors of the pack come to sleep and rest.


                                         Apprentice's Den

Another underground dugout den, this is where the apprentices sleep and rest after a hard days work of hunting and training.

                                            Whelping Den

An underground cavern, insulated naturally to keep a perfect temperature all year round, and protected on the outside by woven razor grass. Where mother wolves nurse and raise their pups until they become apprentices.

                                         Healer's Den

Situated underground beneath a small mound of boulders, soft feathery nests are placed at regular intervals for sick and injured wolves. A separate room connected to the main chamber is where the healer ( --- ) and their apprentice ( --- ) rest and sleep, a small rock alcove in a wall is where the herbs are stored.

 keep in mind only healers have knowledge of herbs !!